Saturday, September 28, 2013

K5 Optima Store - Optima Upgrades

K5 Optima Store

I was looking around for some ideas to spruce up the Optima and I came across the K5 Optima Store.  They sell some cool mods for the Optima like LED lights, re-badge packages and auto-fold mirrors.  I ended up ordering a re-badge package for $70 shipping included and can't wait for it to get here.  I was thinking the Kia guys might wonder what happened when I bring in the car in for service with the word KIA nowhere to be found but since I plan on keeping the car for a while I figured I'd do something to individualize it.  The link to the store is:

The LED fog light and tail light kits look cool as well but would take some effort to install so I will mull it over for a while.  I will post an update on how the re-badge install goes.  This is what the new emblems will look like:

Kia Optima 3.0 K Emblems

Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to remove dried on wax from car trim!

Every now and then no matter how careful you are you may get some wax or polish on your plastic trim around the car.  I tried removing it with cleaner to no avail so I figured the internet would have a solution to this problem.  As usual there is a solution... peanut butter.  If you rub peanut butter on the trim stained with wax it will come right off.  But there had to be more to this solution.... why peanut butter??  As it turns out the solution had nothing to do with peanuts but rather the oil in the peanut butter.  The peanut oil helps lifts the wax off the plastic and the peanuts act as an abrasive to help it get well agitated.  Turns out you can remove the wax with vegetable oil, I just ended up using regular vegetable oil and it did the trick with minimal effort.

So next time you make a slip up with your wax just apply a little veg oil and it will be good as new!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Aluminium Wheel Repaired!

I finally got my wheel back today and it is good as new!  The guys at custom wheels also balanced my wheel for no extra charge which was nice of them.  You can see where the wheel was welded but it feels good and well balanced.  I dropped over to Mr. Lube to get my tire put on and they did it in about 10 minutes for no charge.  The guys at Mr. Lube even commented on how nice the Optima looks.  I came home, washed up the Optima, shined up the tires and it looks as good as new.  

I think there is a lesson in all of this.... while I was at Custom Wheels I was looking through their magazines with hundreds of different rims and I was surprised at the prices compared to my $775 replacement Kia Optima rim.  For $200 - $300 there were some really nice looking rims available.  In the future I would suggest upgrading the rims yourself instead of going with the factory upgrade.  Of course the problem becomes that upgraded rims often come with upgraded everything else in a package deal so it's hard to get some of the good stuff like sunroof, leather etc... without buying the upgraded rims. Also if you are buying a used car, for $1,000 you can really give your car a nice upgrade by ordering some nice wheels.

Overall Custom Wheels does good work and saved me about $600, you just need to wait a couple weeks to get the work done.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Always on the lookout for new promotions, this month Hyundai has its Factory Authorized Clearout!  This amounts to different discounts on different cars but the one that caught my eye was $2,000 off an Elantra GT, since this is only about a $20,000 car that is a significant discount.  But as I have said before and will undoubtedly say again, if it seems to good to be true it normally is.

Fortunately I had costed one of these vehicles last month in the Elantra GT, GL trim.  At that time there was a $750 discount but more importantly a 0% interest rate up to 7 years.  As of today the 7 year rate or for that matter five year rate is 2.99% which means you basically pay the same as last month and in some cases $5 or so more per month.  So there actually is no deal unless you have some cash hanging around in which case you will save over last month.

Also worth noting is that there are no changes in Civic deals this month but rates are relatively low at 1.9% over 84 months and over at Mazda they are offering $3,000 off cash purchases on Mazda 3's and 0% up to 84 months.