Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Damage....

SO here is a picture of the damage to my rear quarter panel / bumper area.  I got two price quotes on it, one came in at just over $1,000 (Collision Experts) and another at just over $700 (Rideout's).  It is becoming clear that Collision Experts are the most expensive body repair company in St. John's.

The guy at Rideout's says it looks like a sideswipe or my car was backed into something.   I'm sure the tow truck guy (R & D towing) had to back my car into something on the Kia lot but I'd be hard pressed to prove it.

Let this be a lesson, if at all possible have someone follow your car to wherever it is being towed.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dead car update - And a new problem

It turns out that water somehow got under my door sill scuff plate and caused a short in some wires that live under it.  They had my car in all day before they figured out what was wrong with it.  They still have to order in a part (I am thinking something to keep the water out). Since they finished late Friday I picked it up Saturday morning.

The car is running fine but it's a nuisense to have foolish problems like this with a one year old car.

Anyway that's not the best of it.  The car was filthy with roadsalt and whatnot so I took it for a car wash yesterday (Sunday).  When I got home I noticed significant scratching and abrasions on the rear quarter panel bumper areas on the drivers side.  So once I stopped panicking I was trying to think how it could have happened and all roads led to one place TOW TRUCK.  I called Kia today and they say the car was parked precariously close to some hard snow banks and it was backed in so that would seem to indicate that's where the damage is from.  I am planning to take it for an estimate to fix tomorrow and then plead my case to both the tow truck company and Kia.  I am thinking 3 to 4 hundred to fix the paint, we'll see.  I'll update tomorrow or the next day with pics and more details.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My car is lifeless.....

I realize I haven't been posting in a while, I am spending all my spare time playing and practising guitar.  Also there hasn't been many notable car things to write about.

Until today....

My son went to take the car to work and it wouldn't start.  Then I tried my key fob and it wouldn't start.  Then I noticed the door locks weren't working and neither was the garage door opener.  I called roadside assistance and they were here in about 20 minutes.  They tried a boost with no luck and I noticed the brake lights and passenger auto seat buttons were working.  The tow truck guy couldn't figure out the problem so he dragged my Optima's lifeless carcass off to Kia..... It seems like it half works and half doesn't, with the starting part being one of the doesn't work parts.

This has been a miserable day, hopefully tomorrow I will get my baby back.....