Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Damage....

SO here is a picture of the damage to my rear quarter panel / bumper area.  I got two price quotes on it, one came in at just over $1,000 (Collision Experts) and another at just over $700 (Rideout's).  It is becoming clear that Collision Experts are the most expensive body repair company in St. John's.

The guy at Rideout's says it looks like a sideswipe or my car was backed into something.   I'm sure the tow truck guy (R & D towing) had to back my car into something on the Kia lot but I'd be hard pressed to prove it.

Let this be a lesson, if at all possible have someone follow your car to wherever it is being towed.

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  1. I think you don't want to replace the bumper and you can consult your with the nearest car care centre for rubbing the bumper.