Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 2011 New Car Deals

I have started my monthly scouring of car sites to see if there are any interesting deals for December 2011.  Toyota has a great deal on 2011 Camry's if you don't mind driving the most boring looking car in existence but at the same time a vehicle that holds its resale value well and it know for great reliability.  The 2011 Camry's have $2,500 discounts in addition to 0% purchase rates over 5 years on the XLE model and lease rates of 1.9% for 48 months.  You can get a well equipped Camry SE for just over $500 tax included on a 5 year purchase or just over $400 on a four year lease.  That's a good deal by any standard.  A similarly equipped 2012 model will cost almost $100 more per month, of course they are totally redesigned for 2012 and look much better, but still not great. 

Honda have Civics going out the door with 1.9% purchase and lease rates along with a $1,000 bonus.  A Civic EX with sunroof (but no heated seats) can be leased for $300 a month or purchased for $440 over 5 years.  If you want heated seats you have to bump up to an EX-L which will be $355 and $513 respectively.

Nissan are offering $2,500 discounts on the Rogue and $3,500 on Altima along with 4 months of deferred payments.

Mercedes is offering 1.9% financing over 5 years and 3.9% lease rates over 4 years on the 2012 C Class Sedans along with 3 months of waived payments up to $1,350 for leases.  These are not just deferred like Nissan, you actually don't have to make the payments.

That's it for now, may be more updates later.

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