Sunday, September 30, 2012

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax

I ran out of my 10 gallon jug of Armor All Car Wash from Costco and they didn't have any new stuff over there so I went to Wal-Mart in search of some new stuff.  It's always fun to go roaming the car care aisle to see what new and interesting products are out there to keep the Optima in tip top shape.  I immediately gravitated towards this cool looking yellow stuff from Meguiar's.  It was also the most expensive at 19.99 so it has to be good right?

Along with the normal cleaning stuff it says it has a carnuba / polymer wax compound for extra protection and shine-ability.  It also says you only need one ounce per gallon of water so it would last quite a long time with 48 ounces per jug.

So I dumped an ounce or two into my bucket and set off to try out this funky yellow care cleaning product.  You can see how much I used because I took the above picture after I used it, wasn't much.  It soaped up good for the little bit I used and there was enough to do the whole car but just barely.  Next time I think I will use a little more, maybe 2 ounces.  It certainly got the car clean and it left a good shine.  I also noticed it made the water really bead up well when I was rinsing it off.  Is it worth $20..... I'm not really sure but it does work well and really put a nice shine on my rims.  Check out the end result!  DAMN THAT'S A FINE LOOKIN RIDE

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