Sunday, September 23, 2012

Motorhomes - Hurricane Leslie Strikes

Tropical storm Leslie has begun lashing Newfoundland with heavy winds and rain. So there a couple weeks ago we had a tropical storm / hurricane Leslie and I quickly came to realize how unrealistic it would be for me to expect everyone to enjoy camping.  Once we lost our power it was like the world was going to end.  We did have a generator to get some things going but there wasn't a whole lot of interest in non-electronic activities.  It seemed like a good time for roughing it a little but I was the only one remotely interested.

I've snapped back to my senses and will put all motorhome related activities on hold for an indefinite number of years.  My youngest son is 10 so maybe 10 more years......

I've covered most of the motorhome basics and given some hopefully good info on trailers and campers.  The thing is now I need a new topic.  My oldest son will soon be getting his license but the outrageous cost of insurance rules out us getting him a fun car of his own.  It's almost $4,000 a year to insure anything, so even a piece of junk car would run him about $800 a month after gas and car payments.  Looking for a good used car would be good for some interesting posts though.

One of my kids wants a parrot so we could start a parrot blog...... have to think that one over.

Stay tuned!

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