Sunday, November 11, 2012

Product Review - Meguiar's Wash & Wax

I was recently reading about waterless car wash products and it seemed like something that would be useful here in Newfoundland where the cold makes it quite annoying (and sometimes impossible) to wash your car from November to March.  When I was down in Florida I went looking at Pep Boys for waterless car wash and the only thing they had was Meguiar's which I figured I could just as easily get home at Crappy Tire.  The price was $16 in the US and when I got home sure enough they had it at Crappy Tire for $19.  This product looked especially good because it also had wax which means I could both wash and wax in one application.

Side note on the purchase:  Crappy Tire had a 10% - 100% off your purchase promotion on today. I went to the cash with my product and was not offered any discount, I enquired and was told you had to pay wither with cash or debit to get the discount.  I told the cashier I would gladly pay with debit and she scratched off a card saying I had 10% off.  She then said that I would get $1.90 back in Canadian Tire money, there was actually no discount off this purchase it would be off my next purchase.  Now nowhere on the promotion sign did it say you could win CT money, it clearly said you would get 10% to 100% off your purchase.  This is just one of the many reasons why CT annoys people (their automotive department being number one of course).

Anyway, when I got home it was freezing so the perfect time to wash my beautiful Optima with waterless car wash after being left alone to accumulate dirt for the past two weeks.  The instructions were quite good, shake well, spray to cover one section at a time, use one microfibre cloth towel folded in quarters to apply, use another to remove access and then turn over the second one to buff.  It says you may need four cloths to do the entire car depending on how dirty it is to begin with, mine wasn't super dirty but it was dirty enough.  Luckily we have about 50 microfibre towels from Costco on hand.

So I started out with the hood and it seemed to be working quite well, I gave the hood about 8 sprays, wiped it in good, wiped off access and then buffed.  The finish felt really nice when I was done.  I continued around the car and only needed two cloths to do the entire car.  Although the bottle says it will do 3 or 4 cars you can see from the picture above how much product I had to use, not very much.  Now my car is coated with several layers of paint sealant and wax so dirt does not settle onto my paint very well and it is easy to remove.  I figure I could get about 10 applications from one bottle at this rate.  The very second I finished the last panel, it started to rain / sleet.  I will need to go over the car with my detailer spray tomorrow to remove the water spots.

Overall this product works as advertised, I am quite pleased with it and will continue to use it throughout the winter whenever possible.

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