Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Speeding - Or Not

Read a Globe and Mail article today on speeding and have an interesting story to share.  First of all read this article:


Now for my story:

In summer 2011, before I got my beautiful Kia Optima EX Luxury, I was driving my better half's Mazda 3 back on one of our main 70 km/hr speed limit roads, going admittedly slightly over the speed limit.  I was going about 82 to 84 which I always considered to be an acceptable amount over the speed limit and perfectly safe on a straight road with no cross traffic and two lanes.

Sure enough I got caught in the blinking lights of a police cruiser and pulled over figuring I was nabbed by one of the 18 year old girls they have patrolling our city these days with no respect for perfect drivers like myself.  To my surprise the guy that pulled me over seemed sensible enough.  He did the standard "do you know why I pulled you over"  and I said " I guess because I was going 83 in a 70 zone".  So he asked me how fast I said I was going and I repeated about 83 being perfectly honest with him.  He then told me that he clocked me doing 103..... This presented a problem in that I knew I was going 83, admitted to it and then was being told I was doing 20 km/hr over that.  He went back to his car, did whatever they do and then came back with a ticket for 10km/hr over the limit saying he was giving me a break.  I told him I can't fight that ticket because it was in fact true but I wasn't going 104.  He said maybe I just didn't realize how fast I was going..... I wasn't going to argue, just take my lumps and move on at that point, he was nice enough about it all.  I headed home, tail between my legs with my first moving violation in 20 years.........

Then my faith in the justice system was restored in one fail swoop.  After I was home about 20 minutes the same officer that pulled me over showed up at the door.  HE FOUND MY ADDRESS, CAME TO MY DOOR AND ADMITTED HE MADE A MISTAKE AND TORE UP MY TICKET RIGHT ON THE SPOT!!!

He had his radar set for the 50 zone so while he had me going 33 over, it was 33 over the 50 and not the 70 zone.  He said he would never have pulled me over for going 83 in a 70 so the only fair thing to do was tear up the ticket, even thought the ticket was valid since it was only for 10 over the limit.  Wow, this was all my good driving karma coming back to pay it's dividends.  Officer whoever you were, this post goes out to you.  You deserve to be Chief of Police one day.

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