Sunday, July 14, 2013

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound in Action

Meguiar's® Ultimate Compound

The first four pictures show the area under my driver side doors which are significantly scratched and scuffed.  The plan was to use the Meguiar's Ultimate Compound with my new DA Dual Action Polisher to at least reduce if not get rid of the scuffs altogether.  The scuffs are more noticeable on the first and third pictures but you can see them on all four.

I applied about a teaspoon amount of compound to the polisher and went back over half the area three or four times.  I then reapplied another teaspoon size amount and polished the other half.  I wiped the excess away with a microfiber towel and you can see the results in the bottom four pictures.
When I was done only the deeper scratches were visible but even those were not as visible as before.  All the scuff marks were gone and after an application of polish and sealant the area looked as good as new with the exception of two or three deeper scratches.  I am very pleased with the results from using the compound with the DA Polisher.  If you have an older car or neglected paint you could bring it back to a like new finish with a couple hours work and three or four rechargeable batteries (or just use a corded drill!)

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