Sunday, October 20, 2013

Penny Kia Service Visit - End Result

For the background go to:  Disappointing Penny Kia Service Visit

So the next day after I send my email off to the Penny Kia sales manager.  I happened to be home lunch time when he called.  He couldn't apologise enough for what happened and offered me a free oil change next time, just let him know when I was coming in.  He was adamant that it wouldn't happen again and he spoke to the service manager about the incident.  This works out even better for me because my next service visit is the 2 year maintenance which costs almost $300.  I didn't mention that at the time but I will be emailing him to let him know when I am coming in February!

So if you think you received bad service the best thing to do is let someone know about it, most times they will want to make it right.

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