Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ok some cars don't need my or anyone's help to promote them.... Porsche is one of them.  The 911 is now in it's 50th year and is widely known as one of the number one luxury car brands in the world.  They build race cars and are the most successful brand in Motorsport with over 28,000 victories.  The thing that caught my eye though was the cool website configurator they have.

If you go to their website http://www.porsche.com/canada/en/ and click on the start web special you can configure your Porsche and then watch it drive away......

The 911 is two things... fast and expensive.  Theoretically you can get one for just under $100,000 before tax and extras but I doubt many dealers sell a base Porsche, and the options add up quick on one of these babies.  The funny thing is that destination is only $1100 which is less than any domestic vehicle and I would think it costs wayyyyyyyyy more to ship a 911 than say a Honda Civic.  A base 911 has 350 hp with a 911 Turbo S packing a walloping 560 hp, tipping the scale at just over $200,000 (without extras).

Being a person of modest means I could never afford one of these BUT I was noticing the Porsche Cayman starting at just under $60,000.  This is one NICE looking car.  I mean my Optima is nice looking but this is super nice.  Autotrader has 67 used ones for sale right now........ I would imagine an oil change or a broken anything would be quite costly though......

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