Monday, February 17, 2014

Random Travel Trailer Findings....

So we have been looking at travel trailer info for a few weeks now, as usual I am spending wayyyy to much time online researching the topic, here are a few initial findings:

There are tons of travel trailer brands but if you beat your way through it all you will find most of them sell basically the same things at a few different trim levels.

Most travel trailers companies are owned by two major corporations which may be why the lineups are so confusing.  They want to keep them all independent but the similarities are hard to ignore. Many of the websites are like a copy and paste of one another.

It is difficult in many instances to find online prices.  For most you have to email to get pricing.  For local dealerships like say.... Jayco.... at Coastal Outdoors they won't even give you a price list, you have to ask for prices individually.

Which leads me to my next finding... these guys are stuck in 1975 with respect to meeting customer demands.  It could be because they are used to dealing with customers who don't use the internet... no that can't be it..... customers who don't realize they can find pricing for exact models online..... no that can't be it..... customers who don't care about pricing..... no that can't be it.   I can't figure it out.

These things are not meant to last long.  Most come with one year warranties and some like Jayco come with two but they are not super durable.  More to the point most are dragged around offroad to parks with kids running wild and the parents running wilder......  so they take abuse.

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