Monday, January 16, 2012

2007 Infiniti M35 X

I was browsing Kijiji when I saw a beautiful 2007 Infiniti M35 X for sale at what seemed like a bargain price of $17,500 with 75,000 km, just do a search it is probably still up.  If you go to the Infiniti site you will see these are about $60,000 vehicles new.  I did some checking around the site and everyone had a lot of praise for the vehicle but they were wary due to the price being so low.  I contacted the seller and arranged to go see the vehicle.  It looked nice and they took me for a quick spin, everything seemed to work fine, I told them I would come back on the weekend to take it for a test drive and they were fine with it.

They said they bought it 9 months ago from Hickman's used but now needed an SUV because they just had a baby.  They said it had no accidents and they had clear title to the car.  In any event this seemed like a SUPER deal, full leather, sunroof, 280 hp V6, beautiful sound system, navigation, keyless push button start and very roomy.  I did notice that the speedometer was in miles and not km's so it was a US car.  That is not uncommon with some luxury cars since they are not sold here in Newfoundland but it did catch my attention.

As I did some more research this seemed like an unbelievable deal and I had arranged to have another look.  Over the weekend I decided to buy a car proof report off the internet because I was convinced that if it came back clean I would probably buy the car.  Well here is a copy of the report:

The vehicle was destroyed in New York, dragged across the border as a piece of junk, patched back together in Quebec and shipped to NL to be sold to a sucker at Hickmans.  I feel for the couple selling the vehicle I really think they didn't know what they had bought.  I shared a copy of the report with them and they were not happy.  If I was them I would pay a visit to Hickmans and if no satisfaction then a letter to the evening telegram would be in order.  I wonder how much of this goes on????

So I am out $50, but not $17,500 and once again am reassured that.... if something seems to good to be true it probably is!  I think I will just stick to something new after all.

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