Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interest in the Honda Pilot!

I had my first solid interest in the Pilot today, of course the guy loved it but wants to get an inspection done first, which I know will go fine.   Now if I just had some idea what type of car to get as a replacement.

Lets see:

2007 BMW 525XI - 27,500 - really nice car but I just worry about if something goes wrong it will cost me a fortune to get it fixed.

2012 Suzuki Kizashi - Again really nice car, AWD...... 32,500 for trim with leather and sunroof but no lease option.

2011 Buick Regal - 27,000 after discounts of $7,225... lease only $400 a month

I think those are my top 3 options at the moment.  The best thing about all 3 is that hardly anyone else drives one.  I think  if the suzuki was just a little cheaper it would win out no problem, but its not.  And if I buy the used BMW I will have to pay 6% interest which adds about $80 to the monthly payment... ouch.  That's $5000 extra car you are paying for.

 I haven't test driven the new sonata yet though which I might tomorrow or Friday.  They have 0% interest for up to 7 years or something crazy like that.  I just worry that the styling will get old fast, and it doesn't come in AWD but neither does the regal.

Decisions decisions.....

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