Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Selling the Pilot

So I had a guy who was really interested in buying the Pilot.  He came by twice, took the car out for 2 test drives, seemed really into it, was going to schedule a garage check up and I never heard from him since Sunday before last....

There was no complaint about the price or he didn't note anything he didn't like, in fact he seemed to really love the vehicle.  I have no idea what happened.....

In any event, I am good with not selling the pilot now that winter is here in full effect.  I am heading to Florida in March and now have a new fun thing to do in the sunny south.... visit car dealerships to see how they operate!  Can you imagine the fun a hard to get along with car buyer can have down there?  You never know I might find a few good deals as well.  While my better half is in the outlet mall saving money hand over fist I will be driving a hard bargain at florida car dealerships..... wow I am loving the idea already.

Maybe the guy who was interested in the pilot started reading the blog and wondering if I might mention him.... that would be weird.

Oh, also last week I went to Mazda to check out  a Mazda 6 which I will post about later this week, some decent material there.

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