Saturday, February 25, 2012

Selling the Honda Pilot Pt. 1

Ok, so after I got to liking the Audi I figured I would give one last shot at selling the Pilot.  I decided to repost on Kijiji and NL Classifieds at 14,900 and figured for sure it would sell quickly.  I got some interest pretty quickly but no one came by to check it out.  I had one guy offer me a very complicated convenience deal where he would give me $14,000 which I could go through the VW dealership on towards the Audi so I would also save tax on $14,000.  The kicker was he also wanted to trade his 2007 GMC Yukon in on the Pilot but the dealership wanted to charge me $500 because they were basically doing 2 extra transactions besides the sale of the Audi.  I thought it over for about 5 minutes and decided against it, it just seemed too weird.  I would end up getting only $13,500 for the Pilot plus the tax savings but this guy I was dealing with was just drivng me off my head.

Anyway I hung on a week or so later and got a call from a potential buyer who wanted to come by and check out the Pilot right away.  He came by that night (which is about 2 weeks ago now) and really seemed excited about it, actually it brought back memories of myself when I first got caught up in Pilot fever.  He said he would drop by the next day or two and take it for a spin and I said just let me know when.  Next day he called back and arranged to come back and take it for a quick drive.  It was the shortest test drive in history, literally a five minute drive down the road.  He told me he was 100% interested in the vehicle and wanted to buy it.  He offered me 14,500, I told him I would mull it over and emailed him back shortly after to let him know he could take it away for 14,700.

So everything was going great, the Audi was still available, I seemed to have a committed buyer .... I mean what could possibly go wrong??? 

Find out tomorrow!

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