Monday, February 27, 2012

Selling the Honda Pilot Pt. 3


So I thought about it for about 5 minutes and then came to my senses, told Canadian Tire to book me for the work last Wednesday and got on with my life.  At this point I had the salesguy guy holding my beautiful new car for me so another $500 wasn't going to stop me.  I went to salesguy and told them I wasn't going to pay for undercoating which they had previously told me was already done and surprise surprise it wasn't done yet and the car was now $500 less.  Don't want to get into the new purchase here, that is for a later in the week post. 

Anyway I called the buyer back, told him I was getting the work done and I would have the clean inspection slip for Wednesday.  The father then tried to talk me into a convenience deal for $14,000 but I told him I was looking for cash to pay off my line of credit.  He tried to talk me into it again and I told him no thanks cash would be fine.  SO they had to arrange everything with Grand Falls Honda which was processing the transaction for us, he said he was paying them $500 to do so but that was fine by me because I knew the cheque would be good from Honda and no fuss on my end.  Apparently their nephew works there or something.  So we faxed some stuff back and forth and lots of email exchanges took place over last week.
Anyway the guy at honda was great, there were some minor hold ups because the father was not feeling well and he was the one working out all the finer points.  When I got my vehicle back from Crappy Tire they gave me back the parts that were supposed to be broken, they were definitely wearing but looked to be in decent shape....  lesson learned.

Anyway on Thursday at about 1pm my bank account grew by 14,600 and I delivered my beloved 2007 Honda Pilot EX to its new owner.  I'm sure he will get years of good use out of it.... it was just time for me to move on.....

So that's it, in the next couple of days I will chronicle my buying of a new vehicle which took place last Thursday morning......

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