Sunday, February 26, 2012

Selling the Honda Pilot Pt. 2

So it was about 2 weeks ago that the guy came by, really liked the Pilot .... then the next day I got a call from his father.  I know he was only trying to make sure his son got a good deal but  it turned into a half hour conversation about how they wanted a new inspection slip since the one from Honda was expired (which I was more than welcome to go get) and he said he thought 14,500 was a fair price.  I told him we had agreed on 14,700 and he himmed and hawed a bit and I told him to go ask his son about it.  Turns out the father was in car sales for 30 years as well as a religious minister so his conversations ended well but he liked to tell the whole story..... like how his son had bought som bad vehicles in the past, how he thought the Honda was an excellent vehicle, how he was helping to finance the vehicle etc etc.... 

SO it still seemed like a done deal I just had ot get a new inspection slip.  Honda had charged me $100 for the one a couple months ago so I made the dumbass move to call Canadian Tire since I figured I could get in there fairly quickly.  They set up the inspection for last Monday, it would cost $50.  I thought it was funny they asked me if I was the buyer or seller but I said I was the seller and got on with it.  So 2 months earlier I got a clean bill of health from Honda so what did I have to worry about??? 

Well, I got a call from Canadian Tire about 11 Monday morning saying the inspection was complete AND the rear bushings were starting to separate.  So I had no idea what that meant, the guy went on to explain that you can't replace just the rear bushings you have to replace the whole arm they are attached to which cost about $120 each, with about $2oo labour for a grand total of about $480 and I also needed the center brake light replaced so the total was something like $500.  ANOTHER $500.......... again I doubted if I should be selling or not.  I emailed the potential buyer to tell him the bad news and tha I was thinking over what I should do.  I got a call from the father in short order saying how much they wanted the vehicle but needed the inspection certificate and weren't willing to pay for any of the repairs (I didn't expect them to of course).  I told him I would mull it over and get back to them later that afternoon.....

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of selling the honda.... and the prelude to buying the Kia!

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