Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Houston - I have a problem....

SO I was driving the weekend, peered out my window and noticed what looked like RUST on the leading edge of the car hood.  I went over to Kia today, they took some pictures and said it could take up to 2 weeks to hear back from Kia Canada as to whether or not it is covered under warranty.  I have no idea when the paint chipping happened but if it is rusting I am worried it was done before I bought the car and now they won't cover it.  

It is a pain that I have to wait two weeks and I am pi$$ed that somehow I have paint chipped off.  The Kia lady commented that it could have been an ice scraper but I wouldn't have been scraping the hood of my car!  I have a feeling this will not go well..... but I will keep you updated.  Has anyone ever had paint problems like this???

Keep in mind the vehicle in only 7 weeks old.  This is the view as if you were looking out the front window.


  1. Did you buy used then? I thought it would be brand new?

    I'm actually leaning towards the Kia Sorento (instead of the forester or optima) but interested to see how this will turn out for you.

    Let us know!

  2. The vehicle is new but it was probably on the dealer lot for weeks during the winter taking lot monkey abuse with the scrapers.

    1. Then why wouldn't it be covered by warranty?

    2. It will be if I can convince them they did the damage and not me, but I am worried they won't go for it..... we'll see. If you are planning to get the Sorento did you check out the Santa Fe, they have really good deals on these days. Also, make sure you know what is included in that payment!!!