Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 Kia Optima

Kia now has the 2012 Optima on their website, the msrp is $50 less than the 2011 but there is no discount available whereas the 2011 has $1000 off ($750 when I bought mine).  I noticed the local dealership only has a  few 2011's left on the lot.  The 2012's still have the 0% financing and 90 days no payments, they also have this deal where you get $100 if you test drive an Optima and then buy another vehicle.... I can only imagine the red tape surrounding that deal.

Anyway it looks like they revamped the website and it looks pretty good now, I think they have my exact car on the Optima page now, check it out: http://www.kia.ca/pages/showroom/overview.aspx?model=Optima

Also, as a funny story I was stopped to pick my kid up from school today and some guy got out and took a picture of my car.... of course I loved it.

I am going to see if there are any new deals out there for April from other companies, stay tuned.

Just as a point of interest, check out the ice here today!!!

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