Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Florida Vacation - and a Lamborghini!

So I just got back from a week down in the sunny south.... if you are planning to go to Florida stay somewhere on Siesta Key, it's great.

So I learned a few things on this trip to Florida, things I didn't pay attention to in the past.

#1 - I can now understand how people get such great fuel economy.  The roads are straight and flat, you always travel around 70-80 km per hour and a nice 110 on the freeways.  I was never stuck in any great amount of traffic and I got around 25 mpg in the Nissan Altima we had rented (which actually had push button start).  We drove about 240 miles and used a whopping $38  in gas for the week.  The rental itself was only $170 taxes in for the 6 days we had it.

#2 - There are a LOT of Lexus / BMW / Audi / Mercedes in Florida.... but mostly I noticed Lexus.

#3 - Almost everyone are good drivers there.  They go with the speed of traffic, fast people stay to the left and slow to the right.

#4  - No one will give you  a break, you have to make your breaks.  Half the drivers in St. John's would sit for hours trying to make a left out into traffic there, they would have to pack a lunch.  Also..... be VERY careful crossing the street, you are literally taking your life in your hands.

#5 - When you think of drinking and driving here, it is dangerous.... if you drink and drive in Florida you will most likely end up DEAD.  You really need to be on your game there, especially on the highways.  No time to text or cell or anything else either.... way too dangerous, but some people still do it.

Now for the best car moment of my trip.  We went visiting the local BMW dealership... which had about 50 certified used 3 and 5 series, compared to the 2 over priced ones we have here.  But tucked in behind the BMW dealership was a LAMBORGHINI dealership...... I was thinking they might throw us out but NO they were very nice and let us take a few pics.... There were three cars there but only one for sale, here it is at only $251,000 sticker price!

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