Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Response to comment Optima vs Forester

I had a comment left from someone considering either an Optima or Forester.  I had similar considerations along the way and really this is a fundamental question you have to ask yourself when buying a new vehicle.  Do you want practicality and convenience of AWD or do you want the better driving experience, creature comforts and fuel economy benefits of a mid sized sedan.

A lot of the decision will be based on your current family needs.  My kids are older so I don't need a massive amount of cargo room any more.  If you have small kids with car seats and whatnot then an SUV may be the way to go.  You can get a decently loaded forester (touring trim) for around the same as the Optima EX Luxury.... but here's what you get on the Optima you probably won't get on the forester:

  1. heated and cooled front seats
  2. heated rear seats
  3. 530 watt infinity stereo
  4. panoramic sunroof
  5. leather seats
  6. 18" tires
  7. voice command
  8. heated steering wheel
  9. 5 year bumper to bumper warranty
  10. better interest rate 0% vs 2.9%
  12. a vehicle that is not very common yet
  13. about 20% better fuel economy
  14. A wicked looking ride

Here's what you get on the forester that's not on the optima:

  1. AWD
  2. More cargo space with all the seats down (the optima does have a large trunk though and folding rear seats)
  3. Way more boringness

If you need AWD then the Optima should be off your list, other than that it should be on it.  I just plan on buying a good set of winter tires next year, I mean until 5 or 6 years ago most people drove cars as opposed to SUVs and they got along just fine.  I would go 100% with the Optima over the Forester unless you have a couple of small kids.  I will keep you updated on how the Optima holds up in the snow tomorrow!  We are expecting 30cms!

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  1. thanks for the follow up article... ya we're going to be looking at both. My big concern is space (we got a baby coming)so the forester wins there, but I like the "non-boringness" of the optima! Plus leather is easier to clean i bet! Do you think the optima would be a no go if dealing with car seats/strollers/puking babies?

    Also some people have said the kia can lose as much as 80% of value after 5 years.. Which could have an impact on my decision. Always interested to hear what you have to say.