Thursday, March 1, 2012

Buying my new vehicle - Part 3

So you should start by reading my Jan 7 post entitled "Kia Optima - You will like this!".  I was at a point of extreme frustration because I liked the Optima but wasn't about to pay more than what the website advertised, and more to the point, the dealership couldn't tell me what I was paying for.

Anyway it was looking like the sale of my Pilot was pending so I had to make a move.  I still liked the Optima but was not going to pay a penny over retail and I didn't want all the crap they try to add on which they wouldn't even tell me about.

So I took a new approach.  I called the Grand Falls Kia dealer, got a firm price from him and went fully armed to the local Kia dealership.  In Grand Falls they had a black Optima EX + there for $259 bi-weekly, it was the right color and the price was right in line with the website.  The problem was I needed to do a re test drive so I figured I would go to the local kia dealership, act interested again and take an EX+ out for a test drive. 

So off I went lined up the test drive, took the car out and was convinced this was what I was going to buy..... well not the one I test drove but the one in Grand Falls since last time I talked to these guys I got the feeling I was trying to be ripped off.  I came back from the test drive fully expecting to leave and buy the vehicle in Grand Falls but I thought I would humor them and get a quote on the same vehicle.  In the showroom there was a beautiful silver EX and the salesguy told me it was an EX +, the same model as in Grand Falls.  So just for kicks I asked him to get me a bi-weekly payment and let him know that I already had a good offer from the Grand Falls Kia.

He came back at $302......... and asked me what Grand Falls offered and I said $259..... he said they couldn't get there but let him work on it...... on the weekend the deal gets done!

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