Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Response to comment Optima vs Forester Part 2

Dear T,

I wouldn't be worried about space with one kid, ever with all the unnecessary crap people take along with kids these days, the Optima has a huge trunk and very spacious back seat.  The kid will love the heated rear seats when he gets it sit on them!

If you go to get prices on both make sure you ask for the non-extra pricing as a good starting point.  Then if for some reason you want over priced extras you can add them on after.  Just ask what the price of the vehicle is and do your own loan calculations at home once they give you some numbers.  I had extensive email trails I could refer back to so get them to put all the details you want in email, it's a good bargaining chip if nothing else.  Don't fall for the slickness of the salesperson either, it's all smoke and mirrors.  Go home and do the numbers yourself. 

Are you trading in a vehicle or just buying new, if you are trading, don't mention that until you get a price, then if you get a trade quote ask for the before tax trade value.  I found Subaru were VERY low ball on the trade but it might just have been their starting point, I never got into serious negotiations with them.  Not that Kia were much better but they were slightly better.

As far as Kia losing 80% of it's value, that is the OLD Kia.  If you could get a 5 year old Kia Optima EX Luxury in good shape for $6,000.... I'd say buy it.  I have no idea why anyone would pay substantially more for a 5 year old 2011 accord over a 2011 Optima that has been under warranty for 5 years.  I think the honda/toyota vs Kia reputation gap is closing fast, I mean the Optima was car of the year I think that speaks volumes!

Lemme know how you make out with it.

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