Sunday, March 4, 2012

Buying my new vehicle - Part 4

So Mr. Kia salesman called me back and said the best they can do is $279 bi-weekly.  Which of course was more than the $259 from Grand Falls.  I told him there was no way I was paying $20 bi-weekly for the same car.  He then asked if the Grand Falls car was an EX Luxury and I said no it was an EX+.  Well he said their $283 was based on an EX Luxury.  Now I asked him at least twice what their showroom model was and he said EX+ although I thought it was a Luxury because it had the Infinity stereo.  

But the point was that at $283 bi-weekly they were no longer trying to rip me off.  If you use the online calculator ( you get very close to the same amount with allowance for admin fees of $399.  SO FINALLY they had listened to me and gave me the price on just the car without all the crap they try top add on.  Here is the list of ad-ons that they assume everyone wants and gets quoted up front:

Undercoating (why with a 5 year rust warranty and it costs $500!)
Fabric Protection (on leather seats???)
Tire warranty (say what??)
Globali Security blah blah blah (they can't even tell you what this is and it costs $300)
Gap protection (I have no idea what this is)
Life insurance
Freedom driving club (paying for all maintenance up front)

So all this stuff costs several thousand dollars and they assume everyone wants it.  Who out there has ever gotten their $400 worth out of a tire warranty???  I mean the tires only last 2 or 3 years tops.   But they assume everyone wants this and won't question paying for it because it is only an extra $20-$30 bi-weekly but that can add up to over $4000 over the 5 years.

Anyway I liked the car so we had a deal at $283 bi-weekly..... until I found out they still had undercoating included because they said it was already done, until I had them check it and it clearly wasn't so they cut me a cheque for $500.   Then at the last minute I added tinting so it crept up to $285.

Off to the finance lady I went and she tried to sell me all the stuff I didn't want in the first place.  They always put the attractive women in the finance shop, I guess so men won't say no to all the extras.  She she told me the tire warranty was very popular and 99% of people buy it, I said I am the other 1%.  Then she started on insurance and I told her not to bother with it all just give me the papers to sign.  So she printed all the stuff, I noticed she left out the 90 day no payments (how convenient) so she had to call the bank and redo the paperwork, I waited 5 minutes and the deal was done.  They still added in $80 in more admin fees for something but I let it slide. 

Anyway out I went to get my new car, the salesguy made a point of saying that I would be getting a survey from Kia and his commission was based on how I filled it out...... Oh I could be so mean but its not his fault the dealership tries to squeeze every cent out of unsuspecting customers.  They left some plastic on the seat belt and a small stain on the back seat but other than that everything was perfect.

Next post will be about my first week with my new baby!

If anyone wants more info just leave a comment and I will respond.

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  1. Hi.. just drop by your blog. I bought a 2012 Optima Ex Luxury at KIA dealer today. They offered me $275 bi-weekly with 0% down-payment 0% interest for 5 yrs. They also gave me 16 times free oil change for bonus. But on top of that, I need to add $7 bi-weekly for the car loan insurance (I'm not sure this is a must or they just try to make some money). Therefore the total comes to $282 bi-weekly. Anyway I like the car and this is my 2nd car from Kia. My wife had a 2012 Sorrento.