Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shiny Optima Update!!!

After some advice from my buddies I bought some PoorBoys EX-P Paint Sealant from EShine to make the Optima looks its shiny best, you can find the item here:

The item was shipped quickly and arrived in our mailbox within about a week.

It did a great job, took about an hour to complete after a really good cleaning and you can see the results below.  I used about 1/4 of the bottle and it was fairly easy to put on with a small sponge type applicator slightly dampened.  You easily wipe it off after it dries to a haze with a soft cloth.  I might do another coat next week if it is nice, according to the detail experts you can put two or even three coats of this on top of one another to make a super shine and protective coating on the paint.  You can really feel the difference in the smoothness and shine of the paint.  I will probably do another full application in the late fall to protect my baby over the winter.

I would really recommend this product, especially if you have a new car and you need some good paint protection.

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