Monday, August 20, 2012

Kia Optima EX Luxury - First Highway Trip

So we took our first family road trip this past weekend, it was about 700 km round trip and included only two of my three kids.

For some quick info, I got 7 L / 100 KM as compared to 10 L / 100 during a regular driving week.  I thought that was great considering I was hauling 4 bodies and clothes for a couple of days.  My average speed was probably about 110 so I was driving fairly easy using cruise control for the large majority of the time.

It was pouring rain on the way to our destination..... I mean pouring and I was still able to keep a comfortable 100 km / hr going.  I know for a fact my tires are useless in the snow but seemed to be fine in the rain.

The drive was comfortable, both kids had enough room for a nap in the back seat and we had lots of trunk storage for what we needed to take.

I did run into one minor issue, while going up steep hills the cruise control had trouble holding speed which I found weird.  Instead of dropping back a gear it insisted on trying to get up to speed in 5th on the hills which was not working, I lost about 10-15 km/hr several times but it could have easily been prevented by down shifting.  Luckily I could manually down shift with the manumatic mode but without that I would have been stuck losing speed on the larger hills.  Next time I am in for an oil change I will ask about it.

Overall first road trip was great in the Optima.

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