Monday, August 6, 2012

Motor-Homes 101 - Class 2

NLClassifieds: Beautiful Tioga by Fleetwood Motorhome 1

Ok, so I've been doing motorhome research for a couple weeks now and have a few observations to share:

I can't see why you would buy one of these new.  The cheap ones are about $100,000 after tax, and like a new car they depreciate like a rock, but it seems even more so.  Most used models about 6 to 8 years old go for 30-40,000.  I guess that's the point that the owner either wants to up-size or down-size, or maybe has just gotten tired of the pink velvet interior.  But either way some of these machines don't get much use and you can pick a nice looking used one up for about 1/3 the original price.  If you get bored after a couple years you could just sell it again.

There are about 1000 different floor plans, models and layouts.  In fact it's difficult to find good comparison pricing material.  I went to Islander RV and they didn't have prices on anything, they also had limited selection of smaller motorhomes.  I'll save my full Islander RV post for later this week.

Class C motorhomes seem like the best bet for a starter motorhome for a small family.  They come with the bunk over the cab plus another bed usually in the back for anything over 24'.  Even the 21' - 23' ones have a sofa and table that can convert to a bed to sleep 6..... well 6 munch-kins but they can sleep 4 fairly comfortably.  I can't imagine the converted table is very cozy though.....

The Class A just seem too large for occasional use, they are the hardest on gas and are expensive to maintain.  Class A are the ones that look like a bus.  Not for weekend trips to Butterpot but would probably be nice if you were Snow-birding it to Florida for 6 months of the year.  They are the most like a home away from home.

Class B are like the traditional Class C motor-home but without the bed over the cab, which makes them look a bit nicer.  So you lose sleeping for 2 but get a nicer looking rig.  Good trade off if you only want to sleep two or three people, they are also slightly better on gas than the Class C.

There doesn't seem to be a large availability of motorhomes in this area, the travel trailers seem more popular by about 100 to1.  The largest market is in private sales and these guys that bring motorhomes in from the mainland and Florida, here is one of their ads:

So Class C motorhomes seem to be the way to go for occasional motorhome camping with a small family.  The 25'-28' models mostly have queen beds in back, bunk over the cab and a decent kitchen and bathroom.

But then you have to ask yourself..... why does everyone use travel trailers here and not motorhomes?

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