Thursday, January 16, 2014

Penny Kia - Service Time.....

So I am now over 48,000 km and close to two years so I called in to book my next service check which would cost about $300.  If you follow the link above you will see that I had some trouble with my last service visit so the sales manager told me the next visit would be on them.  Of course I was curious to see if they would cover my full visit or not.  As expected the answer was NOT.  They offered to take $60 off the $289 visit, the price of a regular oil change.... an expensive regular oil change.

One of the items in the 2 year visit is replacement of the cabin air filter (at least I think it is and will confirm tomorrow).  As luck had it I just replaced mine three days ago at a total cost of under $20.  So if this is included I will ask them to remove it from my check up tomorrow.  They may take off $20 or something at which point I will ask how much they sell the filters for retail, which I already know is about $50.  Either way it spells fun for me at the dealership tomorrow.

The service advisor told me it takes about 3 hours to do this two year inspection, I'd like to sit and watch except I don't want to take a 1/2 day off work.  I totally understand the dealership wants to make money off after sales service but it's just the way they go about it that irks me.

I really wonder if any car dealership understands what the average (somewhat demanding) customer wants these days.  Maybe I am just being difficult.......

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