Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We get a new vehicle Part 3 - Dodge RAM

Ram Logo

This is going to be a short segment.

My better half liked the look of the Dodge Ram so I figure I would check it out.  The Outdoorsman model looked nice and had some added amenities but it was only available in the Hemi.  They were offering $8,500 off most models but you had to go to a really high model level to get things like heated seats and backup camera.  I was hoping to get the V6 but there were hardly any models available.

When I dropped by he had the guys dig out (we had a lot of snow at the time) an SXT model (which was V6) but after waiting about 15 minutes they still never made it back so I left and said for them to call me if they got it down.  Five minutes after I left he called to say they had the truck, by that time I was at Ford looking at an F-150.  After I was finished at Ford I went back to Dodge to check out the Ram since they spent so much time digging it out for me.  Unfortunately the salesperson was busy with another customer but he gave me the keys to check it out.... at that point he had lost the sale.  The Ram looked ok, but had none of the creature comforts we were looking for.  The salesperson may have been able to keep us on the hook a bit longer but since he was tied up his chance was lost.  The salesperson did offer to install heated seats and a backup camera in the SXT model level but it just didn't seem right.

Our quest continued for a nicely optioned, reasonably priced, good looking pick-up truck.

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