Monday, January 13, 2014

We get a new vehicle Part 2 - GMC Sierra

Once we decided we were going to get a truck it was my job to make sure we got the best deal. My better half was saying she liked the Sierra and Ram so I figured I would start there.  The GM site was as horrible as ever, it is very difficult to determine what one model of truck has over another and the whole layout just seems poor compared to other car building sites.

Eventually I found a decent set up in a V6 Sierra and sent off an email to GM.  They came back with a similarly equipped V8, which is probably  a much better seller than the V6.  Rather than give me a nicely detailed price which I had asked for on the phone, they sent me a scribbled down $906 a month for five years at 2.99%.  This was for a nicely equipped short box, extended cab Sierra with heated seats and remote everything.  My biggest beef at this point was that I asked for detailed pricing and all I got was a monthly payment.  In that payment there were fun things like Global-I theft deterrent, locking wheel nuts, tire warranty and 2 year oil change package.

Let me make one point clear..... all that stuff is a rip off.... DO NOT BUY IT.

I went back to ask if they had any double cab V6's and he said they did have one they could install heated seats in for $450.  The list price of that truck was $46,000 and it would be on the road for $819 a month with about $7,000 in discounts.  It was too late for them,...... I had a bad taste in my mouth the minute I read Global-I..... I can't believe they sell that crap, even worse, some people probably buy it and don't even know they bought it.  Also, they didn't listen to my request for detailed pricing up front.

So, the next stop was the Dodge Ram

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