Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Formula 1 - All Fingers Crossed

So tomorrow morning we head off to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix Formula 1 Race.  There are two minor issues:

1. No flights have gotten out of here lately due to the fog (but it is cleared up now)
2. People in Montreal are protesting

So hopefully our flight gets in tonight so it can leave tomorrow morning and no protesting people get in our way.  They have cancelled the free Thursday open house due to security concerns but so far everything else is a go.  I took the liberty of renting myself a wicked telephoto lens from lens rental canada online.  It arrived ahead of time and very well packed.  Total cost is about $160 including shipping both ways for 10 days.  One of these suckers new is about $1800.  I am hoping to send a post or two from Montreal if we can find some computers to use at the hotel.  I will have TONS of pictures to share when I get back hopefully, we are in Grandstand 1, right at the start/finish line.

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