Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recap from F1 Canadian Grand Prix!

I have to say the Grand Prix weekend was the most fun  thing I have even done in my entire life.  If you love cars then this is the holiday for you.  Forget about beaches, casinos, theme parks, Broadway shows, concerts..... whatever.  F1 cars destroy all those lesser holidays!

I mean seriously did you check out my video from the start of the race???

I would highly recommend grandstand 1 or 2 seats, great view of the race starts, big screen right in front, excellent for the drivers parade and pit stops.  The hairpin seats might be better for viewing the cars during the race but a lot of the seats are not assigned seating so you have to keep your spot all day without leaving, not recommended in 30 degree heat.

The food was great, although I never enjoyed Schwartz's smoke meat sandwich as much as I thought I would.  The Turnstile at La Milsa is a must eat if you are in Montreal and like meat...... not for the vegetarian.  Also had some great Poutine, went to a place called Smoke's Poutine and had a poutine with roast beef and onions, it was great.

The Formula Tours people were great, providing transportation to and from the airport, answering all our questions about the track and looking after all our needs.  We had a great room at the Delta and only needed a 15 minute subway ride to the track.  We got to see the student protesters up close which was also a bit of fun.

I don't know how it could have been any better...... OF COURSE HAMILTON DESTROYED VETTEL TO WIN!!!!

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