Sunday, June 10, 2012

Live from Montreal - Canadian Grand Prix - Day 3

Friday Night Update - Went to the "Lotus" Grand Prix Tours free Cocktail party thing.  I did as any car lover would do.... stuffed my face, guzzled down free beer and took pics of Jarno Trulli and Jerome D'Ambrosio.  It was pretty cool, the event was lotus sponsored so they had Trulli and D'Ambrosio there.  There was only a couple hundred people there so you could get close, easily get food and booze, it was wonderful.   If you have 4 or 5 grand to blow (for 2 people) and want the ultimate race car experience I'd say this is where to blow it.  This Grand Prix Tour thing is excellent, so far I don't have single complaint but lots of compliments.


So I woke up extra early with the thoughts of qualifying spinning in my head.  We got to the track about 9, and caught the end of the Ferrari Challenge, it was bit of fun.  Then on to practise session #3 for the F1 guys, it was awesome, you could tell they were really pushing it out there.  On to lunch break time, I had a couple beer and ate a sandwich, we found a nice rock in the shade to sit on for a while.... it was hot there this afternoon.  The place was absolutely packed for qualifying, some people coming in a bit late which I found annoying as I was trying to take pictures.

Got another slew of good pictures and a couple short videos (which will be coming over the week).  Vettel smoked the pack unfortunately, I don't like Red Bull for some reason, my guy Hamilton came second and I can't wait for the start of the race tomorrow.

So for supper we went to this place called La Milsa....... if you like MEAT this is the place to go.  You get a meal called the turnstile, they keep serving you sirloin, fillet mignon, bacon wrapped turkey, roast beef, chicken, pork sausage and roast pork till you bust, and its only $30 ($35 on weekends).  I am now slipping into a meat coma as I type.

It's race day tomorrow..... won't be sleeping much tonight.....................

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