Saturday, June 9, 2012

Live from Montreal - Canadian Grand Prix - Day 2

So I just got back from practise session #1.............. OH MY GOD IT WAS BEYOND WICKED.

We got the subway about 3 minutes from the hotel at 8:30, took subway #2 about 3 minutes later and 2 minutes after that we started the walk to our seats.  Upon exiting the subway you are met with people flogging everything F1.  Of course I bought a bunch of stuff, t-shirts for the kids, couple of hats and a very nice McLaren jacket for myself, something I could actually wear somewhere but the race track.  We brought our own cooler bag full of goodies so we didn't have to spend $5 for a hot dog or $6 for a gatorade.  They did have good looking lobster rolls there for $9.50 though..... maybe Sunday.  

There were Police everywhere.  On the way down there were 3 police in every subway car across to the island.... but none coming back.  There is definitely tightened security.

Anyway our seats are literally 50 feet away from the pole position on the track..... I have so many nice pics and videos I can't wait to share. We left the hotel at 8:30, got to our seats about 9:30 and practise started at 10.  Rain was expected this afternoon so everyone was out this morning, and they all did a good 10 laps or more.  I got a great video of Vettel coming to his pit while cars zoom past us on the straight away.  YOU NEED EAR PLUGS, which we had lots of....... this is louder than you would expect, you can feel the engines right up through your backbone.  It was mesmerizing, the most beautiful car experience I have ever had.

After practise we watched a bit of CCPC, I think is what it was called, it was ok but not like the F1 cars at all, mostly Hondas, Minis and BMWs.  Started to rain so we came back to the hotel, not sure if going back this afternoon, depends on the weather, they were saying there won't be many cars out for this afternoon practise due to the rain which is why they were all out this morning.  We have a pass to some cocktail thing tonight but I am not sure if it will be disrupted or not, Jarno Trulli is supposed to be there, and it is free beer and food, two of my favorite things..


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