Monday, December 24, 2012 - Compact Car Comparison

Read about the Comparison Test: Compact Cars had another great comparison article today on compact cars, you can read it here:

Unfortunately the Kia Forte wasn't included in the comparison but the winner was surprising for me, also surprising (but made me quite happy) was the fact that the Corolla came dead last.  I mean this has to be the most boring car ever created, I have no idea why anyone buys them??  Maybe 10 years ago they were more reliable than most but these days there really is no such thing as an unreliable car.... well maybe Mitsubishi.  Also notable was the second to last Honda Civic, also boring but has gotten quite the refreshening for 2013, they also totally ripped off the Kia honeycomb grill for 2013.  If you are interested in compacts you should give this article a read, it is well worth it.

Also, since I mentioned it, also had an in depth article on the 2013 civic today which can be found here:

The new Civic looks to be a massive improvement..... could spell trouble (more so than usual) for the competition.

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