Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reality Check - Compact Luxury Sedans

Read about the Autos.ca Comparison Test: German Compact Luxury Sedans


Just read this great review article on compact luxury sedans on Autos.ca you should check it out.  It is surprising on a couple of fronts, firstly the BMW offering came in third behind the Merc and Audi and secondly, the new Cadillac would have placed second if it was included in the comparison.  Yes, Cadillac has a compact sports sedan that professional  auto reviewers rate higher than both the BMW and Mercedes.  It seems like the BMW is changing into the soft older person luxury sedan, a position firmly held by Mercedes in the past.  Cadillac wasn't even in the compact luxury segment last year but is now kicking some BMW butt...... go figure.  I might go test drive one just for the heck of it.

Another not insignificant point is the price of these vehicles.  The Mercedes came in "cheapest" at about $55,000 after tax, this for a vehicle with no HID headlights, satellite radio, heated rear seats or back up camera.  I know a certain beautiful Kia Optima that is $20,000 less expensive with all those options and then some.  Just think about it... $20,000 less with more stuff and a larger interior and in my opinion looks every bit as nice or nicer.  The only thing missing on the Optima of course is all wheel or rear wheel drive.  I'm not sure that's worth $20,000.

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