Thursday, December 6, 2012

Suzuki Kizashi - Great Deal?

Suzuki has a minor problem on it's hands...... they will no longer be sold in the US.  Actually that's a major problem for sales but they don't actually sell many vehicles in North America so it probably saves them money not to bother trying.

In any event mixed in with our weekly flyer batch was a glossy lime green one from Suzuki.  According to the ad you can save over $6,500 off a 2013 Kazashi S iAWD, which actually seems like a really good deal at 0% for 5 years.  On the bottom of the flyer it also says the price includes delivery, air tax and oil changes for three years.  When I was looking at these vehicles a year ago, the same one was $29,995 plus extras, this requires further investigation.... an email to Suzuki is in order.  If you go to the website and price one up with the automatic CVT transmission, the total comes to $29,645 with delivery so I am guessing it is $850 for the "free" oil changes, since the advertised price is $30,495.

As I dig into the small print, the $6,500 is off the cash purchase price, meaning if you go to your bank and pay about 6% interest or happen to have $25,000 hanging around you get $6,500 off otherwise you get nothing off but you do get 0% interest.  Obviously it is better to go with the $6,500 off on such a relatively low purchase price, you will end up saving about $50 a month or $3,000 over a 5 year purchase term as opposed to taking 0% at the full purchase price.

I am going to add an update to this once I get an email back from them.

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