Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meguire's Wash & Wax - Put to the test!!

As you can see my car was rotten from our messy Newfoundland winter.  I can't seem to get any satisfaction from an automated wash and our hose is frozen so I broke out the Meguire's Waterless Wash & Wax.  When I used it previously it was easy to apply and did  great job, of course that was on a much less grimy car.  I was ready with three microfibre cloths and one towel for drying and buffing.

After I had started the first quarter panel I could tell I was going to be in for a rough time.  I had already gone through one microfibre cloth and a good bit of cleaner and I was only about 1/4 done. On top of the it was freezing (literally) out and I was finding several contaminants in my paint that would need to be clay barred out in the spring.

You can see that the product does work well, it just takes a lot of cleaning, wiping, drying and buffing to get the car looking good with no streaks.  If you don't clean a section thoroughly and then go to dry it, any dirt picked up leaves mean streaks.  Due to the heavy dirt on the vehicle I had to use a lot of spray, and subsequently lots of microfibre cloths.  I ruined 4 cloths and used almost half a bottle of spray.  Once it was cleaned there was still a lot of work to get all the cleaner residue off and dry the vehicle thoroughly.

Then once I was done after about an hour cleaning the vehicle I had to clean the windows, because they were still very dirty, using my Invisible Glass from Costco.  That only took about 5 minutes.  Then of course I looked down and the wheels were covered in grime so I had to break out the No Touch All Wheel Care.  This worked very well after spraying and leaving for 2 minutes.  I just used some water and a sponge to get the rims and wheels squeaky clean.  So after about an hour and a half in total I had a beautiful looking car again as seen in the pics below.

Then the next day it looked like the pictures above again....... I give up.

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