Monday, November 7, 2011

BMW lease take over

Another potential BMW option has become available.  One of the local used car sites has a BMW lease takeover advertised, it is the  2009 328 i X Drive in black with black interior, same model I was considering leasing from bmw.  There are only 17 payments remaining, the owner needs to up size due to small children issues.  Payments are $695 (a bit more than the $657 I can lease a new one for) but includes winter tires and an extra set of all seasons.  Seller will also throw in $500 and of course pay all the lease transfer fees.  So you only have to commit for 17 months and then can either bring it back or ..... buy it out for $20,000.  Right now BMW are selling 4 year old models for $30,000 so there may be opportunity to make a couple of bucks on the buyout.  Of course there will be brand new models out next year which will make the older models a bit harder to sell but I would think I could definitely get more than $20,000 for it.

I still have to commit to selling the Pilot of course, I am currently waiting on a part to get the air conditioning fixed which will be done on Thursday.

Anyway just another option to consider.

I went back to Acura to show better half the car on Saturday, they were not busy at all as usual but still not willing to go out of their way for a deal.  I told them the deal bmw was offering on the 2011 328i and they said it was lower because it is a 2011 and the acura is a 2012 so I wasn't comparing apples to apples (I hate that saying).  I pointed out that the msrp on the bmw was actually higher than the Acura and the difference was that the bmw rates were much better.  Anyway they mentioned something about doing a bit better but I couldn't get to the $657 payment bmw were offering.  I think I am almost commited to the bmw if I am going to get anything.  That 17 month lease is really looking good.

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