Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New 2012 Honda CRV and 2013 Ford Escape

The new CRV and Escape were revealed at the LA auto show today and you can find all kinds of articles and pictures online now, for instance the Globe and Mail had an article on the CRV today  and here is a random on on the Escape

You will notice a couple of things, or at least I did.  The new CRV looks a little but more rugged, I mean honestly I think the current CRV is the most womanly looking vehicle there is, not that there is anything wrong with that if you are a soccer mom or are married to a soccer mom.  There is one friend of mine that I probably just insulted but he will get over it I am sure.  The 2012 still looks a lot like the old model but it comes loaded with all kinds of good options which you can read about in the article.  I wonder if they have fog lights included now, I could never figure out why they never had them.... oh yeah the CRVs are womanly and it is not a womanly option.  Heated seats for some reason don't come standard, now if there ever was a womanly option it is heated seats, my wife totally agrees with me on that, but you need the middle trim to get heated seats.  I guess it is just a good reason to get people to upgrade to the middle trim.  Also, you should note that the 2011 models are going at an excellent bargain now, very low rates for leasing if you are so inclined.  The local Honda dealership is absolutely loaded down with them.

Now the 2013 Ford Escape is just the opposite, it looks a lot less rugged.  I fact, the Escape which was the opposite of the CRV has now become a CRV.  Just look at it, its like the Ford guys looked at a CRV 4 years ago and decided they wanted to copy it.  Ford sells more Escapes than Honda does CRV's...... why would they turn the Escape into a CRV???  Like the CRV's, the current Escapes have great deals on them now, its your last chance to get one before they turn into CRV's.  Personally I am not a big Escape fan either and if you drove a Pilot for 5 years and then drove an Escape you would know why.  Escape's are good economical  4WD vehicles, just not really comfortable in my opinion... and they have poor fuel economy, not Honda Pilot bad but very bad for a small SUV.

So to summarize.... both the new CRV and Ford Escape look like CRVs.  Maybe everyone should drive a CRV, actually on most parking lots it seems like everyone does drive a CRV, just go to Costco and count the CRVs on the lot at any given time.  There is a new RAV4 coming out soon........ they are giving up on the side opening door and going with a CRV type door, it will be interesting to see what it ends up looking like.....

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