Saturday, November 19, 2011

NEW 2012 BMW 3 series

Finally, do you see it.................

Its a functional cup holder............ in a BMW!  Check out this article on the new 2012 BMW 3 Series,

You can actually find quite a few good articles out there now on the new BMW.  Besides for cup holders, there will be a turbo 4 cylinder available with more HP and more torque than the current model, more leg room, more head room and a standard display screen.  So you get more HP, more torque and 20% better fuel economy.  You can bet BMW dealers will be pushing hard to get the 2011's off their lots because they will NOT sell any once the 2012's arrive.

There is no radical departure from classic BMW styling but the changes made are nice in my opinion.  My new dream is to get one of these suckers in the spring of 2013.  At that point the Pilot will need new summer and winter tires, I will have gotten some good use out of my new brakes and my oldest son will be 17 and possibly have his own vehicle, something cheap I am thinking. 

But will you just look at that beautiful cup holder.....

Another good article:

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