Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Audi test drive and BMW Rates

So the first of the month is always an exciting day for car nerds like myself.  Its the day of new rates and promotions.  I checked out a few sites and found a couple of interesting items.  I will check out the other sites during the week to see if any new deals are out there.

1. Mercedes has lowered their 4 year lease rates to 3.9% from 5.9% or 6.9%, I am not sure if they still have the deal where they make the first three lease payments up to $450 per month for you or not.

2. BMW put the 5 year certified used car rate up to 2.9% from 1.9%, the sales guy told me the rates would go up so I was expecting it but it still sucks.  So dollar and cents wise this means most of the certified used just went up about $15-$20 a month.  This means I will now have to get about $1,000 off the price to make up for the rise in rates.  These rates will be in effect for the full month so November will this will probably be deal or no deal time for me until April.

So Audi had a 2008 A4 up for $27,900, a bit less expensive than the bmw but it had 80,000km on it so about even all things considered.  I arranged for a test drive and was not impressed at all.  It was a nice vehicle with a very smooth ride but just no fun to drive.  It has 200 hp but our Mazda 3 is just as peppy in my opinion.  The engine was also loud and rough when idling.  The back seat seemed very tight as well, the bmw is not cavernous but it did seem a bit larger.

I just dropped the keys back and let the sales guy know I wasn't interested.  Funny enough they don't have a single 2011 A4 left in stock and it isn't until spring they get 2012's in, I just don't think they sell very many of them.  The dealership just kind of sells them off the side of the VW dealership, no big shiny building like BMW.  Even though BMW has the huge building they only have 2 salespeople..... go figure.

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