Saturday, October 29, 2011

BMW - Test drive #3

Today, myself and my two older kids set off for BMW to test drive the 335i.  I called ahead so they would have the car ready.  I asked to speak to a different customer sales representative and they were very accommodating.  The guy was busy when I got there so the nice reception lady made me a great cup of coffee with their fancy coffee machine, this coffee was top notch.

So after about 5 minutes sales guy came over and said he had the car all ready for me, he asked if he wanted me to have him come along and I said no that was fine.  Just then the previous sales guy came over and there was a moment of awkwardness as he says “I’m free now”  as if he was going to take over again.  I sort of looked at new sales guy and he said to give him a second.  The two sales guys went off and the new guy came back.  I felt a little bad about it all but not overly, not sure what he said to the previous sales guy but he never came back.

Anyway we piled into the 335i and headed straight for the highway.  This machine is fast and it clings to the road, it is beyond a pleasure to drive.  Overall it is identical to the 328i but it just accelerates quicker.  I like to concept of having a 300hp car and it is really fun but I’m not sure if it is worth the extra $5,000.  When you are going to buy your next car, even if you have no intention of buying a BMW you should take one of these out for a spin.  I think I will go for the used 328 over the 335 just because it is $5,000 cheaper and will probably save me a few speeding tickets.

So the kids like it, I like it, now its decision time on selling the Pilot……

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