Friday, October 21, 2011

Trade In Update - Dodge / Jeep

Trade In Update-

I was looking at the Jeep Compass online so I figured I would go up to the local Jeep dealership to take a look, I had never really considered a Jeep but what the heck it was close to work.  Sales guy was nice enough so I figured I would take one out for a quick test drive to see what they were like. 

I drove a 4X4 North model, the car itself was unimpressive, definitely lacking in the power dept and you could hear the engine quite loudly from inside the vehicle.  Now I am used to my wonderful Honda Pilot so I didn't expect a $25,000 Jeep to hold a candle to it.... and it didn't.  I mean it wasn't a bad vehicle to drive but it didn't have some features others similarly priced did have like bluetooth, sunroof, peppy engine, fancy storage compartments, cool styling.  It was just kind of.... nice.  I should have probably taken the Patriot out for a run because it has boxier styling that I like, but it is almost identical to the Compass so it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference.

So I made it back about 10 minutes later, what I was really interested in was what they would offer me on a trade.  Past experience was that it would be $12,000...... any guesses in what they offered.... why yes $12,000.  Actually the sale person said $12,000 - $13,000, of course I told him no way.  He went to tell me about the tax savings I would get yadda yadda, then said he will ask around to see if he can get more at another wholesaler, I said that would be fine.

So nice sales guy, they have 3.99% five year rates with $2,500 discounts off msrp on the 2011 Compass.  But I would never buy one. 

Anyway it's strike 5 on the trade in amount, I'm sure I can do better somewhere, still haven't tried honda although I am not sure I can say I am interested in a CRV with a straight face.  Maybe I will check out an Accord, the 2011s have excellent rates.

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