Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2012 Toyota Camry Info

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Toyota Canada (http://www.toyota.ca/) has pricing up now for the 2012 Camry.  The base LE Model is actually $1,610 less than the 2011 LE ($23,700 compared to $25,310).  The fully loaded 2012 XLE V6 is almost $5,000 less than the 2011 XLE V6 with Navigation, I figured I was missing something when I checked but that seems to be right.  That being said you will pay $10,000 more for the 2012 XLE V6 compared to the 2012 LE.

Unfortunately the lower price will not translate into less coming out of your pocket.  The 2011s current have rebates of $1,500 and 0% financing for 5 years, compared to 4.8% financing with no rebate on the 2012 model.  So in the end you will end up paying $55 more per month ($3,300 over 5 years) for the 2012 LE but only $22 more per month for the fully loaded V6 XLE model.  If you are looking to lease the rate differential is not as large (4.9% and 1.9%) and the 2012 SE will only run you about an extra $15 per month over the 2011.

The Camry is all new for 2012, looks better (kind of more like the Accord) but I'm not sure it is worth the extra $3,300 if you are thinking entry level model.  Fuel economy is up about 10% (so that could save you a few of those bucks you pay extra). 

So that's the scoop on the 2012 Camry for now, the 2011 base models are priced right if you want a nice low frills (and kind of boring looking) mid sized sedan.

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