Monday, October 17, 2011

Ford Escape XLT Pricing Update!

New Car Deals-

I checked out the Ford Canada website, yesterday I noticed they had no interest rates posted which generally means there is a new promotion coming.  I was right, they have something called "Winter Ready" that offers 0% financing and a winter care package (looks like snow tires) on Escape XLTs.  This is interesting because they still have delivery allowances of $4,000 with 5.79% financing on 2011 Escapes.  Basically they are running two different promotions on different years of the same vehicle.  The winter care thing also applies to 2011s.

So I did some calculating and the 2011 Escape XLT 2.5L 4WD comes out to a payment of $555 per month and the 2012 model comes to $563, the 2012 costs $300 more than the 2011 so basically both deals end up at the same place.  So if you are looking for an Escape XLT 4WD check out both models, I would say they will probably offer extra deals to move the 2011s.   There is also costco $1,000 still available.

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