Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Test Drive BMW 328i - Follow Up

So I went back to take the BMW out for another spin, this time I drove the model I would buy if I bought one which was similar to the one I previously drove but with no Navigation and the wheels were a bit smaller.  The previous one I drove was the "Executive" model but it wasn't worth the extra $3,000 to me.  Besides it had plastic wood trim inside which I would pay NOT to have.  The 328i X with premium package was the one I took out the second time.  I figured I would take my better half out for a spin to see what she thought.

Anyway the drive was very nice as I assume it will always be, excellent acceleration, braking and handling.  It's a car for drivers, not so much for practicality but I could drive this thing all day.  So I took out better half, she liked it and I headed back to the dealership to see what better offer I could get out of them.  To my surprise the guy didn't offer me so much as a free car mat.  He just said the deal is already good so we have nothing else to offer.  He went over the $4,000 discount and the 1.9% lease rate which are good but my cat could go in and get that offer.... seriously .... meow..... Oh look $4,000 discount and 1.9% rate.  They also advertise free automatic transmission, and sales guy said that was included in the $4,000 discount, well not according to the Globe and Mail yesterday (

So again I found myself feeling like I was being cheated by a car salesperson, well in actual fact I was being cheated out of the free auto transmission.  So all of a sudden I never felt the same about the BMW, the salesperson was making me not want the car so much, he was actually getting in the way of the sale.  I emailed him earlier today to mention the globe and mail article and guess what.... he never got back to me.... as  I expected, maybe he was busy, I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

I went over to Mercedes for some comparison shopping and they cover the first $450 of your first three lease payments and have $800 discounts but have really high 48 month lease rates.  The 36 month lease payments are actually only $850 a month on entry level C Series sedans..... but its not a BMW for a fun drive.

So I'm not sure what I will be doing now, maybe go back to looking at Sonata 2.0T with 274 HP, they look fun to drive..... but its not a BMW.

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