Monday, May 14, 2012

2011 Kia Optima EX Luxury - 3 Month Update

So I am right around the 3 month mark now with the Optima.  I have my appointment on May 22 to get the paint fixed, the details of which can be found in an earlier post :;postID=4628185626183962233.

I don't have any complaints to report at this time.  I am consistently getting 10 L / 100 KM on each tank and that's not driving overly conservatively but not really aggressive either.  I still find it very comfortable but haven't gone on any long trips yet, probably will the summer though so I can update the road trip feel once I do.  I still think it is the best looking mid sized affordable sedan out there, and as I have often detailed, the options for the money can't be beat.  I am really liking the heated steering wheel in the mornings.

I decided not to keep the Sirius Satellite radio, I just find it cuts out way too much and after listening to the hair metal station a few times it's easy to tell they have a short rotation list.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice outside so I am taking the day off work and applying Sealant coat #2 to the Optima, so it will be super duper shiny!

I have also taken on a new project which is restoring my dads 2009 Ford Taurus paint job to new condition.  There is no off street parking where he lives so the paint feels like really rough sandpaper due to it being riddled with contaminates on a regular basis.  I gave it a good wash last weekend but will have to give it the clay bar treatment before waxing and applying the sealant.  I have never used a clay bar, apparently it takes a lot of elbow grease, I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Glad you are still liking the car... I'm thinking strongly about the Kia Sorento these days and am following your blog to just see how your general "Kia experience" is going.

    How many KM are you at now? I'm glad they agreed to fix the paint issue without hassle. Keep the posts coming and the car looks great!

  2. I am up to 4000 km, although I had to wait for the paint problem they are providing me with a lender while mine is getting repainted. So I'd have to say since my purchase I have no complaints about the service.

  3. Hi there Stumbled across your blog looking for fellow Kia owners in canada!
    We just bought a Kia Optima EX+ last week at Kia of Saskatoon and so far lovin' it.. However, got upsold on all the 'protectants' undercoat etc that they offer, and have an appointment next week to go and have them applied. Still have time to back out of that - what is your opinion? We drive a lot of highway - so want the best treatment for the paint etc, and have only one car now so the interior treatment seemed good..
    Just wondering on your thoughts.. Thanks.

    1. Do NOT go for the upsale stuff ..... there's a reason it's referred to as upsale. It's where they make a big chunk of profit. That stuff can cost a fortune and really doesn't help out much.

      I use a good paint sealant (EX-P for Poor-boys I ordered online) and make sure I wash the car regularly to keep the paint nice and clean. Use the sealant twice and year and you shouldn't have any paint issues unless you get big rock chips then you need to fix them asap.

      The undercoating is supposed to stop the car from rusting from the inside out. When was the last time you saw a well maintained car rusting from the inside out? If you plan on keeping it for over 10 years it may be a good idea if you live in a place with heavily salted roads like we have here.

      As far as seat protection, security blah blah blah.... forget about it. Total waste of money, don't tell me you paid for nitrogen in your tires...... If I was you I would tell them you changed your mind, they will be persuasive but you have to hold firm!

  4. What's the ride like? How does it handle on rough roads?

    1. All our roads are rough.... I love the ride, it is a bit stiff but I like it. If you want mushy you could get a Camry.... The car handles great for an affordable mid-sized sedan. I have absolutely no regrets.