Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sprouting Week 2! - I just noticed I posted this in the wrong place sorry

So we are into week 2 of our growing season and here is what we have:

This is my middle son's plot, with three rows of turnip and four rows of carrot.  The carrot are just sprouting and the sprouts are very thin so a bit hard to see but they are definitely growing!

Here is youngest sons plot, it has two rows of radishes which are growing well, then two rows of carrot and two rows of green onion.  All are now sprouting but the radishes are the easiest to see in the picture.

Here are my strawberries which are taking off as usual, on the left are a thyme and sage plant which I planted last year and survived the winter quite well.

There is a watermelon patch but it has been invaded by some other sprouts that I don't know where they came from..... probably from some rogue seeds.  The rpoblem is I don't know which ones to pull yet!  I have to wait to see the watermelon vines develop.  My oldest son also has a plot but so far he has not gotten around to planting anything.......

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